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The project was a Renaissance artist’s dream project, and ultimately encompassed:

  • Eight life-size bronze figures

  • An exterior Doric frieze of triglyphs and metope panels depicting the year in a vineyard

  • A mythological mural cycle of painted grisaille panels and oil paintings

  • Deeply carved Lalique style glass panels

  • Marble tile mosaics

  • Painted cupola, complete with putti and patrons’ portraits. 


Just after graduation from The University of Pennsylvania, I formed a decorative painting and design company with two fellow graduates. It was the early 1990’s and “faux finishing” was undergoing a surge in popularity. Faux marble, classic murals and other painting techniques seemed a time-honored way of taking our academic training into the marketplace. One of our first commissions turned out to be the opposite of faux. We were commissioned to create the decorative scheme for an indoor pool house, executed in a classic Roman theme.

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